Collection: Alleghany Meadows

Carbondale, CO

My search is for emotion, feeling, content and form in objects meant to be experienced and used in the intimate spaces of a home. I wish for my work to effect the experience of time, to inspire creative decisions in actions such as sipping a moment of tea, preparing a soup, or arranging two daffodils in spring. I believe that ordinary domestic rituals can have a profound impact on the human condition. My work is intimately connected to the body through form, scale, food and nourishment. It is activated most when in use, when engaging the senses of touch, sight, sound, taste and smell. I imagine a cup remaining in use and active for centuries; yet, I am acutely aware that the intended context carries risk, is transitory, where the cup can in one breath caress someone’s lips and in the next become shattered in the sink.

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