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Carbondale, CO

"These cups were made while teaching last spring in Cortona, Italy - an idyllic, walled city in southern Tuscany which has been continuously inhabited since Etruscan times, 8th BCE. Perched on a steep hill overlooking the wide and fertile Val di Chiana, the context is perhaps utopian, especially to a visitor like myself. Sunsets last forever, storms move quickly and vibrantly through the valley, cappuccinos are always perfect, everyone greets each other as we walk the narrow cobblestone streets from home to studio to butcher to vegetable store to bakery to cafe. Repeat. The clay is incredibly plastic and comes from a nearby valley which was an ancient lake. My attempt with these cups is to express a glimpse of the experiences, the environment, history, tactility, emotions and memories - moments in my search for meaning and utopia."

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