Ryan McKerley

Austin, TX


Ryan McKerley has been making pots in Austin since 1995. He apprenticed with Billy Ray Mangham at the Eye of the Dog Art Center from 1995 to 2005. Ryan teaches at the Eastside Pot Shop.

Artist Statement

Process is the main influence on my work. I use a technique called water carving that mimics erosion. I paint paraffin on my dry, unfired pots and then wash the surface with a very wet sponge. The variations inherent in this technique helped to create the patterns and lines decorating my pots. I didn’t first envision a style. Instead, this technique led me to my current body of work. The forms, surfaces and designs made possible by water carving provide the foundation for my pieces.    Mass-produced glass, metal and plastic, as well as contemporary and historic pottery, inspire my work.



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