Rebecca Chappell

Philadelphia, PA


Rebecca Chappell received her MFA from the NYSCC at Alfred University in 2008 and her BFA from The Cleveland Institute of Art in 2003. Chappell has participated in solo and group exhibitions across the US. She currently teaches at The Maryland Institute College of Art. Rebecca lives and maintains a studio in Philadelphia PA.

Artist Statement

Pots can be covert instruments for carrying messages. Objects that over time, through intimate actions with the human body, slowly reveal surprises and meanings that are contained within. The excitement I find in the colors, smells, and patterns of fruit, food, and flowers drive me to make in the studio. For example, the color of a mound of lemons or the smell of lilies seen at the market sparks interest and makes me want to produce an object to contain that vibrant color and experience. So often the real informs the created. This is what I love so much about making pots: the relationship that exists between the real, the created, and the user; the life a pot has outside of my studio. I seek to create imagined objects and spaces that serve as moments to catch a wandering eye and allow the viewer the opportunity to pause; arranged moments of curiosity and wonder.



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