Minsoo Yuh

Athens, GA



Minsoo Yuh was born and raised in Seoul, Korea and earned a B.F.A and M.F.A in Ceramics from Hongik University. She did a 2-year apprenticeship with Injin Lee while attending graduate school. After receiving her M.F.A, she moved to the United States and has been working with clay since as a full time studio potter in Athens, GA. She makes but is not limited to high-fired utilitarian pottery and her work is a reflection of emotions and perceptions of the meanings of life and human nature through the natural characteristics of clay and aspects of nature.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I am fascinated by the spontaneous lines, forms, and spaces I find in nature; and objects, depth, and character within them that show the passage of time. I am also inspired and influenced by Korean traditional ceramics, which embrace the beauty of simplicity, vitality, profoundness, and imperfection. This intrinsic beauty, which requires time, dedication to mastering techniques, and understanding the materials and spontaneity of the process of creation, is what I value and strive for in my work. In terms of state of mind and physical creativity, spontaneity and vitality empowered by balance and harmony is one of the important elements of my work process as well as my life. I am often attempting to find a balance between contrasting attributes- strong/relaxed, soft/sharp, mass/lines, calm/vigorous, bold/subtle, full/empty, colorful/neutral, straight/curve, restrained/free, intentional/unconscious, pause/proceed, tense/relaxing, still/dynamic. My work is a reflection of my self-examination and growth through contemplations on humanity, nature, life, and myself.


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