Matt Repsher

Santa Fe, NM



Matt’s exposure to art, design and ceramics started early, learning from his father about making pots. Matt earned his BFA in Ceramics from Penn State and then his MFA from Indiana University in 2003. He has past experience teaching ceramics at Indiana University and the University of New Mexico as well as workshops at Penland, Arrowmont and Pocosin Arts. He was a resident at Pocosin Arts in 2015 and was recently a long term resident at the Penland School of Craft from 2017 to 2020.

Artist Statement

Using pots as my canvas, I carve and paint the surface to appear as if they are built by layers of arches, posts, lintels, and discs. Over the years I have developed these architectural elements into a series of abstract patterns. In my most recent vessels I have been consumed by carving more intricate patterns and inlaying colored slips. My interest in pattern has moved me towards a long-term investigation of how the layers of carved and painted patterns can optically alter and manipulate the profile of my pots, visually stretching and compressing the vessels.


Available Work

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