Matt and Eleanor Wedel

Albany, Ohio



Matt Wedel Born in Palisade, Colorado, he currently lives and works in Athens, Ohio. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and then obtained a Master's degree in Ceramics from California State University, Long Beach. Wedels work has been exhibited in multiple solo exhibitions at LA Louver gallery and Erskine Hall & Coe as well as in group exhibitions at Ameringer McEnery Yohe, Beacon Arts Building, and Carnegie Art Museum among others. Wedel is currently working on a retrospective exhibition this November titled Phenomenal Debris at the Toledo Museum of Art.

Eleanor Wedel Age 9, Born in Athens, Ohio. Resident artist at Matt Wedel Studio. Has participated in multiple group shows including “It might not be here when you wake up” at the Trisolini art gallery at Ohio University and “Scribble and Play” at the Dairy Barn Art Center in Athens Ohio. Currently stays up every night drawing until 1 in the morning.

Artist Statement

Our work is about spending time together. It is about the memory of that time and the prioritizing of that work as an act of culture building, caretaking, self-awareness and healing.

We see images in things and use our studio practice as a vehicle to understand the images our minds are trying to show us. The images in the corn field not of the corn field.

We use abstraction as an image making device where unknown fields of vision emerge. We use vessels to share this act of caretaking with others. Memory and advocacy of the daily ritual of curiosity.


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