Linda Christianson


Lindstrom, MN


Linda Christianson is an independent studio potter who lives and works in rural Minnesota. She studied at Hamline University (St Paul, Minnesota), and the Banff Centre School of Fine Arts (Banff, Alberta, Canada). She exhibits nationally and internationally, including one person exhibits in London and St. Louis. Her pieces are in numerous public and private collections, including the American Museum of Ceramic Art and the Glenboe Museum. An itinerate educator, Linda has taught at colleges and universities, including Carleton College and the Hartford Art School. She received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the McKnight Foundation. Her recent writing appeared in Studio Potter and The Log Book. One of her goals is to make a better cup each day.

Artist Statement

My daily practice begins with the making of 4 cups. While seemingly a simple form, the cup contains all the challenges I like: the pairing down of an essential lively form, comfortable feeling yet visually compelling, and a volume that suggests a specific liquid. Being put to the lip, the cup is the most dauntingly personal pot one could make. It has the capacity to change one's daily life. In my household, the favorite cups never make it into the cupboard. Their life moves from dish drainer to hand to sink and back to drainer. The best cups always end up in the shard pile, for they are loved to death.



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