Kyle O'Connor

Fort Collins, CO



Kyle O'Connor is a ceramic artist from Rochester, NY. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2021 from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. He held the position of Grinding Room Assistant, as well as, an assistant at the Fredrickson Kiln Company until 2023. O'Connor is currently a post-bac student at Colorado State University.

Artist Statement

Craft has always been the guiding force in my artistic sensibilities. I come from a family of humble craftspeople and hard workers. My parents, practical individuals who prioritize functionality over extravagance, instilled in me an appreciation for the beauty of simplicity. This mindset is evident in the everyday objects they use, such as plates and mugs, which eschew unnecessary embellishments for practicality and durability. In my current body of work, I am drawn to the notion of ritual objects — items that hold significance in daily life, like a cherished coffee mug, plate, or bowl. These objects serve as anchors in our routines, imbued with memories and meaning beyond their utilitarian purpose. Inspired by the pragmatic sensibilities of my upbringing, I seek to elevate these everyday artifacts in a way that resonates with individuals who value functionality and simplicity.

Available Work

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