Bryan Czibesz

Stone Ridge, NY



Bryan Czibesz earned his MFA from San Diego State University and BA from Humboldt State University. He has exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions, lectured, and taught workshops throughout the United States and internationally, including Fondation Bernardaud in Limoges, France, the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design, the Demarest Pottery Exhibition, the Riga Porcelain Museum in Latvia, the Nelson Atkins Museum, Greenwich House Pottery, Peters Valley School of Craft, and the Honolulu Museum of Art. He is a founding member of the Hudson Valley Pottery Tour and has been Artist-in-Residence at The International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemét, Hungary, C.R.E.T.A. Rome, The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, and the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He teaches at SUNY New Paltz.

Artist Statement

Starting with hand drawn lines, I combine, stack, and layer shapes and profiles to invent volumes that reference both familiar and unfamiliar forms. These objects, which are made both by hand and with an extrusion clay 3d printer, act as functional pottery, technological markers, and explorations of the layers found in architecture and the landscape, questioning our expectations of interior and exterior space.


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