Brian Chen


Carbondale, CO



Brian is a ceramicist from New Jersey and discovered ceramics in college in 2014 and has since spent most of his time trying to learn as much as he can. He apprenticed with Simon Levin to explore form and atmospheric firing from 2019 through 2020. He is one of Ceramics Monthly’s 2021 Emerging Artists. Currently, he is a resident artist at Carbondale Clay Center exploring sculpture, glazes, slips, and soda firing.

Artist Statement

My work is a combination of childhood aspiration, personal escapism, and existentialism. I use the idea of form following function, in the context of biology, architecture, and design, as a guideline to create. I enjoy making forms that pull the viewer's eye with a sense of familiarity, awe, and curiosity. The goal of my studio practice is to tap into a child-like wonder about something that could have been or might become.


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