Andrea Denniston

Floyd, VA



Andrea is a studio potter in Floyd, VA where she has been working full time since completing her MFA in Ceramics at Syracuse University in 2016. Prior to graduate school, she worked for Silvie Granatelli, a studio potter in Floyd, as an apprentice for 2 years. She also received her BFA from West Virginia University. Her work is primarily wheel thrown with a grolleg porcelain clay body that she fires in an electric kiln to cone 7. She exhibits nationally, and has written several articles for Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated, in 2017 was named a Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist.

Artist Statement

My studio practice is slow and steady. The inlayed line is particularly significant on the surface of my pottery. It can be found on feet, handles, under lids and on the interior of most pieces. These lines form repeating patterns and floral motifs that reference traditional quilt blocks, architectural ornament, Art Deco patterns, stained glass windows, and 16th century Iznik tiles. My color pallet is bright, with translucent blues, shades of chartreuse green, and spots of yellow and red. I use a porcelain clay body that I fire in an electric kiln to cone 7. With my work I hope to add pomp to daily life. As my pottery moves into the world, I optimistically pursue my goal to make useful and beautiful objects. Objects that I hope will find a home in everyday life and daily conversation, where they will reward and remind the user that the well crafted object has not only satisfied a need but has connected them with another human being.


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